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Optimove for joint health

Optimove capsules for joint and back pain have proven their effectiveness at every stage of pathology. Leave a request in the order form on the official website in Spain so that your joints can regain their former mobility and strength. After you have filled in the fields Name and Telephone, you order a callback that does not oblige you to anything. The operator will advise you absolutely free of charge.

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Physical activity is the basis of life

Joint pain adjust our plans

The habitual rhythm of life requires us to be constantly active. Exercise and health are inextricably linked. When a person first experiences joint pain, they need to make significant adjustments to their plans and daily routine.

Optimove recently appeared on the medical device market in Spain, but it managed to establish itself as an effective, reliable remedy with an optimal composition for joint pain of various etymologies. It doesn't matter why treatment is needed. Optimove capsules have a positive effect on the joints in the following cases:

In this situation, it is important to start restorative therapy immediately to strengthen the joints, relieve swelling, inflammation, and pain. Only an integrated approach of the Optimove chondroprotector can deliver a visible treatment result. The right choice of drug is essential for success.

Prevention with Optimove eliminates diseases

Unfortunately, tissue changes in the joint are irreversible without proper treatment. If timely treatment of the joints is not carried out, the development of serious diseases, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis and gout, can be provoked. The more time that is spent without treatment, the more serious the complications. Joint pathologies, over time, lead to complications from habitual movements, up to and including complete loss of mobility.

Optimove capsules are an excellent prophylactic agent for joint and back pain. According to the nature of the active ingredients in its composition, this drug belongs to the class of chondroprotectors. Their structure is similar to the basic elements that make up cartilage tissue. Its purpose is to prevent destructive changes in the joint and its rapid recovery through active nutrition with substances that make up the joint.

The Optimove chondroprotector belongs to the fifth generation of medicinal products

Optimove is the fifth generation of chondroprotectors

In the history of the development of the line of active ingredients of the class of chondroprotectors, several stages can be traced, which are associated with qualitative changes in their composition. With the advent of new data on what goes on in the joint, as well as more effective components for treating joints, the formula of medicines has changed too.

First generation

The cartilage tissue of animals was used as a raw material for the manufacture of the first generation preparations.

Second generation

The basis of the second generation drugs were substances such as glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

Third generation

The composition of the preparations of the third generation was based on the compound chondroitin sulfate hydrochloride.

Fourth generation

The fourth generation was characterized by the fact that natural ingredients were preferred in the composition of preparations for treating joints.

Optimove is a unique drug of its kind, belonging to the fifth generation of common products. Optimove has taken the best of previous generations' experience and shows better bioavailability of active ingredients, which allows you to restore the joint in less time, including pain relief, swelling and inflammation, and strengthening of cartilage tissue.

Spain has a relatively large selection of medicines for similar purposes. However, Optimove offers a number of advantages over analogues:

Unique formula Optimove

Clinical trials

Clinical studies with the drug Optimove were carried out in 2018 at the European Institute of Orthopedics. 1700 volunteers with joint diseases at various stages were examined as participants. The data collected at the end of the experiment clearly shows the effectiveness and safety of using Optimove to treat the joints and back.

As a result of the research, the subjects found:

The cartilage tissue recovered after taking Optimove


Complete cure for arthritis, osteoarthritis, radiculitis and other joint diseases


Improvement of the mobility of the joints


The disappearance of discomfort in the joints within a period of up to 60 minutes after taking Optimove


Lack of addiction or negative reactions from the body


Directed effect of Optimove on the joint

The course of treatment with Optimove restores the health of the joints
  1. Relieves pain almost instantly.
  2. It relieves swelling in the joints, relieves the damaged area and helps the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the joint.
  3. Renew bone and cartilage tissues, completely restore the joint and restore its health.

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Doctor's review

Doctor Doctor - orthopedist Andri Andri
Doctor - orthopedist
26 years
For joint pain relief, I recommend Optimove capsules to my patients in Spain. Its targeted action not only eliminates the symptoms, but also relieves the disease itself. The use of capsules during the course allows you to get a cure at different stages of the disease. In my practice, patients with indications for prostheses refused to undergo surgery after treatment with Optimove. For the elderly, I would recommend prophylactic use. If you want to restore mobility and strength to the joints, try this unique remedy.